I sent an email a while ago to the wrong address and just recently (yesterday) it keeps trying to resend the email. The email contains attachments and will resend and resend and I receive back a delivery notification failure. How do I get this to stop? 
I have many emails in a folder that all have to be resent.  Is there anyway to resend them all at the same time?  Or is my only option to resend them one at a time?

I have Windows Hotmail and I recently got an e-mail asking that I reconfirm my information because they said someone has tried to get into my account.


They said to resend my information otherwise I lose my account. When I went to reply- there was what lookled like a personal hotmail account e-mail. This looks like a scam. Can you call me and let me know what to do? My number is <removed by the moderator> 

This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification.



Delivery to the following recipients has been delayed.

*** Email address is removed for privacy ***


I have one user getting this error and the email gets sent to the drafts folder.

exchange 2010

she is connecting via a dyndns account (https://comapny.dyndns.org/ews/exchange.aspx)

some mails send fine and others get the error she can resend the mail by closing outlook and opening it again.

i have modified http max request length and no change

this happens with any emails not just large ones

I use Office for mac (version 14.2.4) running on Mountain Lion (version 10.8.2). Starting a couple of weeks ago I noticed Outlook repeatedly crashing, sometimes after starting/launching the program, or sometimes (most of the times) while trying to resend an email message. it just throws me away and tries to open again (followed by crashing again or not).

I do not believe I have changed anything, nor updated anything, giving a reason for crashing. A fact is that my database of emails (sent/received) is as big as 10 gigas given I work whith hundreds ofmclients who have,in my computers (one after the other, once I change model), their own Folder in which I archive their messages. In time the whole database (.pst / .olm) turn huge/heavy.

Questions to the Forum:

1. Is this problem usual?
2. Will it get worse?  up to now, it has been a little problem to me but I sorted out to live with it.
3. has Office 2011 CD (I do not have it anymore since I lost it while moving) a funtion called 'repair' or similar?
4. is there any other solution for this situation? 

Please help!

kind regards!

"resending an email"

I am sending mass emails, where all my customers's email ID's are in BCC. There are several lists. 
While on outlook for XP ( windows ) - I simply used to open the email and click on "resend"; it then opens the email as draft, I make the changes in body and just click on "send". 
I am unable to find "resend" button on outlook for mac. as for some emails its shows resend, for others it says "redirect" where all BCC are missing 
the messages are just stuck there.  Outlook goes nuts trying to resend them.  the stuck messages have a couple of faulty email addresses so that's why apparently this hideous thing developed.  The messages are indicated to be in the outbox by the number (2) but there's no way to make them visible or delete them.  I tried to change the filters or clear the filters but i'm not using filters, and none of that worked. i tried working offline, but the messages still won't appear or let me delete them.  
I'm using a gmail account as the sender address, Outlook 2011 Version 14.1.4, on an iMac with Lion software.  
Why is Outlook such a nightmare to use?

I have two group emails with faulty addresses stuck in my Outbox.  I can't access them or see them except the outblox shows (2) emails are stuck there and Outlook is going crazy trying to resent them every few minutes.  I tired to use the filters to make the troubled messages visible but nothing worked.  Should i just delete the email account that they're being sent from?  this is a nightmare.  i've tried working offline to make them visible but that doesn't make them show up easier.  I can still send other messages from that email account.  I don't want to delete all my messages in my google account to cure this.  How do i get OUtlook to work properly?
can I delete a friend s  E-mail then resend their E-mail to add to favorites
Please your asap response.
Pretty please please !!!!!!