i received an email from windows live team saying that  they discover a virus in one of my folders in my email and i have to send them my name and password and if i don't do that within 2 weeks, i will loose my email .
do you think it is true ? 
the email i recived thid letter from is *** Email address is removed for privacy ***

Is there a way in hotmail that I can add my name as a "signature" so everytime I send a new email to someone my name shows up at the end of the email

I can't able to do mail setup for my domain name, main problem is i cannot able to set TTL value as 3600 but my domain accept for 14400 only how to fix this problem?
I get a message and click on the reply button. I write it and send it to the recipient. The message reaches its destination but I get a copy in my inbox and the annoying thing is that it shows my name and the whole message history. For example, I get a message from Peter and reply to Peter. Immediately, I get a copy and Peter is changed to my name in the inbox. Can you please help?

I now have to enter my complete e-mail address and my password when logging in. I used to only have to enter my password from my home computer. How can I set it so my login name comes up each time. I've tried to set it as keep me logged in but it doesn't seem to work. Thanks.


I created a contact group/distribution list but when I type in the name in the search window it doesn't find it. How do I find my contact groups?
my user name won't stay signed in - I use safari 5.1.7.