I had an e-mail account with MyDomain.com, I terminated my account with them and set up a g mail account a over a year ago, just found out that when people receive e-mail from me the reply is to the old my domain address? I deleted the new g-mail and opened it again, still the same thing ! What am I doing wrong!  What can I do to correct this!
I can't able to do mail setup for my domain name, main problem is i cannot able to set TTL value as 3600 but my domain accept for 14400 only how to fix this problem?
I would like to be able to add multiple accounts to the same. Now I know you can link accounts, but what i really want is to be able to send and receive emails via one mailbox (so I might receive an email to one of my addresses but I want to send a response with another.)

I have my domain hosted with domains.live.com, but I cannot work out how to add a new send/receive account to my mailbox. I tried adding it with the pop of pop3.live.com but then it tells me I need to link the accounts, which I don't mind, but I want to be able to consolidate my mailbox.
Guys, do a few weeks now that this is happening. I send messages to my contacts and they do not reach them or arrive as Junk. Can anyone help me?
I keep getting unwanted emails from the same place. I keep blocking them but they keep using a different email address or domain. The heading is always the same, so I know it is the same company. How can I stop this from getting in my inbox and my junk
My outlook 2011 for mac has suddenly stopped receiving/ sending emails. I am asked to insert my password constantly, to no avail. I am linked through my domain name using gmail. Any help??

When you block a sender domain, do you need to include the @ sign or just all the information after it?
When you block a sender domain, do you need to include the @ sign or just all the information after it?
I have inadvertently added a couple of people to my Junk Email list.  Is there any way to "un-junk" them?
my domain blackedlist in hotmail messagner, How can i remove ir from blacklist please?