Last Friday I finally succumbed and got a Smartphone !! It runs on Android and includes G-Mail. I added my Hotmail/Outlook account to G-Mail (I also access the account through Windows Live Essentials Mail). G-Mail synchronised with my Hotmail account and now my Hotmail Inbox is completely empty; everything seems to have disappeared.  What is going on ? I can't be the only person in the world to be running G-Mail on a mobile alongside Hotmail/Outlook.  
I have run windows live mail for many years, until recently 3 accounts, BT, g mail and hot mail have worked perfectly together, only one is still working g mail. All help appreciated
I had an e-mail account with, I terminated my account with them and set up a g mail account a over a year ago, just found out that when people receive e-mail from me the reply is to the old my domain address? I deleted the new g-mail and opened it again, still the same thing ! What am I doing wrong!  What can I do to correct this!