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My question is about WLM send receive.

I have 6 accounts in WLM.

5gmails and one hotmail. (all imap)

During send receive process, i want my hotmail emails to be first in receiving emails and then gmial.

How do i set up that way?

How do you activate the developer tab in Outlook 2011?

In Word and Excel 2011, there is a ribbon customization "gear" at the far right of the ribbon, which is used to activate the developer tab. 
This is very easy to find and use. 
However, this icon does not appear in Outlook 2011. 

Searching for this simple option in the typical resources does not yield useful information:
The menu option View/Customize Toolbars provides no options to change the tabs.
Preferences contains no options for Toolbars

In Outlook 2011 Help, the term "developer tab" does not provide any results. Other terms such as "ribbon preferences", which is the term used on Word 2011's "gear" also does not provide useful results. 
If you search on "tabs", the "Customize Outlook window" result only offers the option to minimize the ribbon so that only the existing tabs appear.
When reviewing 

In the KB, ( kb "outlook for mac" "developer tab" ) provides no relevant hits, nor do any number of other searches using terms such as "customize ribbon", etc.  



In another thread titled "Language Package, spelling check for Windows Mail 6.0", in response to the spellchecker problem of the Original Poster somebody suggested using Windows Live Mail because it supports more languages (37, it said, though it was a two years old thread). Around the Internet, I've seen that many people have trouble finding the options for changing languages and tutorials have been provided to show how to do that. However, in all those tutorials everybody seems to have dozens of languages in the list in the options panel for spellcheck, with those installed marked as such and those not installed but listed marked as "available".


My question is, why don't I have those options? I have used WLM 2009 under XP and 2011 under Seven, both English and Italian (my native language), and the first only comes with pre-installed English languages (variations for US, UK, Canada and Australia), and the second comes with the same plus Italian. But if I want to install Spanish or German, say, there simply is no option. The list is limited to those I've mentioned, the buttons to its side are all dimmed, the only choice I have is which one to set as the default. Why is that so? Why isn't there a way to install all those other languages? Or is this feature limited to the 2011 version only? And why would that be, since it's only available from Vista upwards and tons of people, businesses and administrations are still stuck with XP?

I've seen around a few tutorials to manually install languages by moving some files and editing some ini files, but first I'd need the actual files containing the languages I want to use, and I assume these should be available somehow through the MS Download site. Or am I supposed to download each localized version of the WLEssentials, pick it apart and extract the files on my own? Isn't there a more straightforward option?

Thanks in advance for any input on the subject, best regards.

Hello Hotmail Team
Please can anyone help me to recover all deleted messages in the last 2 days,I deleted all messages from the delete file.I'm not sure that I asked the question yesterday in the correct place and just because today I ask again.I have not read any of those received messages.Please it is very important for me.I hope it is still not too late.

Thank you very much!
After greeting
Thank you for your help in advance

Almiklh is as follows
I suffer from the problem in the profile I can not add a picture and I can not add any of the images of all images Support

The error message that appears in failing " Sorry, we can't save this information right now. Please try again later.  "

I hope you solve my problem and that I suffer from a long period




We have changed ISP's and emails as well. When I open WLM, I get a request to enter my password to my old email account. I would like to keep my emails from my old account for a while to insure I don't lose something of value. If I remove my previous email account do my emails stay on my computer ans can I access them?


Thanks for your help





I received an email from one of your expert and it did not work to recover all my old data.  This is making my life impossible.  As I already said, I am unable to see my old emails, contacts, music, either I am NOT RECEIVING ANY NEW emails. You are the experts and are making this mission impossible.  I receive an email from my personal provider which IS att.net and I try to  follow all the instructions and nothing happen.  I use to have Hotmail as my private emails and now everything has been disappeared. I have been trying and trying in order to find out the way to get back to my old emails and have not been successful.  I went to Hotmail as it has been explained  to active it step by step and it says it is working, but if it is working, why I am not receiving any longer my new emails? Then it shows up Outlook and it says it working, but at the same time  it mentioning (if you have if I have a Yahoo Mail Plus account and indicating if I have already PAID for Yahoo) Well, I have an email with att.net which brings me to yahow emails.  Really, this is so complicated and only an expert  should help people like me that not are not an expert with computers  


I wish from an expert to guide me step by step to get back TO all my OLD emails, contact, pictures, music and addition Emotions Faces.  I loved this portion to be set up again into your my emails and I am sure that some people too




Your prompt attention to this matter will be appreciated.