Is there any chance to purchase Outlook only as by mistake I have ordered the home version instead of the business one. Thank you.
I have a hotmail account for years and today I made a big mistake and  to clicked on "Free Outlook". This changed my hotmail over to Outlook and  I would like my regular hotmail accoutn/email back. The email topics below doesn't exactly describe my situation.  In actuality, the look of my Hotmail changed over to a new Outlook email page.

My email address is: (removed for security reasons)
Please Help!
Thank you.
(removed for security reasons)

When wanting to access my email by typing my email address, it happened that i wrongly typed my email addresses and want to get rid off as of no use or old addresses ( abunch of them). thanks

When pictures and links are blocked in incoming email it asks if you want to 'Show content' / 'Always show content..  I clicked';Always show content' by mistake,  How do I revoke that and get it to ask me if I want to show content from that sender again.
My mistake, normally do forced delete on Deleted folder to keep clean, just did it on good folder.  Any way to recover messages recently deleted that have not been moved to Deleted folder?  This was just done on 12/26/2012.  Hoping to recover messages from Finances/ebay if possible.  The affected account is

<removed by moderator

i cant access junk mail box. maybe some e-mail go to junk mail box by mistake then i want to check it.


I am working on an internet project for a school and they sent me this link:

Because it's used for a an online calendar feed. I made the mistake of clicking on the link and it downloaded and events.ics document that automatically opened in Outlook. I noticed later on that I now have ALL of the calendar events being displayed in my Outlook Calendar feed and I never wanted that or even set it up in Outlook that way. It must have added the Internet calendar feed automatically. 

Now I'm trying to delete that feed and scouring the entire internet but not able to find any support. Some posts say that it's not possible to add internet calendar feeds with Outlook.

Please advise on how I can remove this if possible.

Thank you,

I can not recieve email in my live mail.

I manually configured it and made a mistake.

I have Windows 7.

How can I fix it?

By mistake I deleted all the emails in my inbox.  I also clear my trash after reading messages.  In error, the emails I wanted to keep were deleted.  How can I get them back.  I tried going to my Recycle Bin, looked at everything, but the emails were not there.  Help?