Hello all! I have a user on my office network using a Mac Mini running the latest version of Mavericks, lets call them user V. User V has Outlook 2011 installed and has several delegates configured on the account. User V is unable to send as/on behalf of these delegates. Other people in her department can send as the same exact delegates with out issue. The error message that user V receives is:

HTTP error. The server cannot fufill the request.

Mail could not be sent. The message has been moved to your Drafts folder.

Account name: "Delegates name"

Error code: -18500

I have tried rebuilding the account on user V's computer, reinstalling all of MS office and have worked with MS support over several phone calls over the last few weeks to no avail. I have configured user V's account on a different Mac Mini and did not encounter the issue there.

If anyone has any suggestions on where to go next it would be greatly appreciated!


This just started a couple of weeks ago. I'm running Outlook 14.4.1 on Mavericks 10.9.3, but before I updated, the problem occurred. The sub-folders just disappear after Outlook is open for a while. There appears to be no specific time and my RAM situation doesn't seem to be an issue. The folders come back if I quit and relaunch Outlook, but nothing I do makes them want to stick around. 

Rebuilding the database doesn't help; neither does dumping .plists or prefs. Any ideas?


I've just upgraded my iMac to Mavericks v: 10.9.3 and iTunes v: 11.2.0 / 11.2.1 in the last few days (May 2014) .... and was hoping that these new updates would restore the option to sync my iPhone to my contacts in Outlook 2011 via USB.

Although my iPhone now successfully syncs with my Apple 'Address Book' & iTunes via USB  .... the 'sync services' in Outlook preferences remains empty as in the following image.


I would be mighty grateful for any solutions to this problem ....  and wonder if this problem has been experienced by anyone else.

My version of MS Outlook 2011 for Mac is 14.4.1




I have an exchange account set up in Outlook 2011 on a Macintosh running Mavericks. I archived some past mail messages in folders stored in the "on my computer" folder to get them off the exchange server. I had to restore my mail file from  a Time Machine back up and the "on my computer" folders are gone.  (yes, I have them as visible in the preferences)  My question is, where do those physical folders reside? They are clearly not in the mail database for my identity as they would have been restored with everything else.  Stumped?!?!?

I use Xtra.Co.NZ as my internet provider and they use Yahoo mail for their mail service.

Since they upgraded their systems and now use SSL protocol, I am receiving the following error message:

[SYS/TEMP] problem retrieving message

Account name:  "is my user account name"

Error code: -16999

I am on an iMAC 2010 Intel Core i5 running OS 10.9.2 (Mavericks).  My email client is Outlook for Mac 2011 which is current.

The service provided can't tell me what the problem is or fix it, nor can they reproduce it in their lab.

Apple tech support tells me to call Microsoft.

I either can't get through to them or get disconnected.

Can anyone help me resolve this?


Steve S.

New Zealand

I am experiencing a curious mulishness with my Outlook for Mac and would appreciate any useful feedback on what to do about it. I have a MacBook Pro laptop computer, running OS X Mavericks, v. 10.9.2. I bought the Office for Mac 2011 suite and have Outlook for Mac, v. 14.3.9, installed. Since the OS X update to Mavericks in 2013, using Apple's Mail app with Gmail got to be too much trouble, and I started using Outlook for Mac as my e-mail client earlier this year. It does a pretty good job for me, in general, but there's one thing I've noticed lately that bugs me.

I am not sure whether this contact's birthday is a datum that I transferred to Outlook from Apple's Contacts app with a .vcf card or whether I input the date manually in Outlook, but for some reason, I ended up with the wrong day of the right month and year, and every time I try to change it and to save the change, Outlook for Mac won't accept the new date but instead reverts to the incorrect one. I've tried deleting the birthday entirely, and it will let me do so, but then when I try to put in the correct date later, it does the same thing all over again. I keep telling it that the date I want to store is the 10th, but it persists in showing the 1st. I have experienced the same kind of thing with other contacts' birthdays. What's up with that?

Please see the attached images for a description of the rule setup and also my current operating system version: I am running Mavericks OS X 10.9.2. When I have that rule setup and enabled it will automatically save an attachment, file away that email, and then mark the email as read if it meets the criteria. However, after I upgraded to a new computer that also sports the new operating system version of Mavericks, that specific rule has not worked since. It will file away and mark as read the e-mail, but it will not save the attachment to my desktop, which is a frustrating development. I believe this to be a bug with the mac 2011 outlook in Mavericks as it worked before just fine in the Mountain Lion operating system. Please help!

I switched to Mavericks and now Outlook 2011 will not print emails. Literally nothing happens when you choose print in the message or the File menu. Nothing comes up on the screen and there is nothing in the printer tools waiting to be printed.

Outlook 2011 calendar items will print but not from email.

Every other Office 2011 application prints.

I've been through the entire set of MSFT support steps available, e.g. removing the com files, creating a new identity, repairing the database etc.

I've been through Level 5 support from Brother

I tried an Epson Printer - same result.

Has anyone experience this and did you solve it? If so I'd be grateful if you would let me know.



I upgraded to Mavericks several months ago and just now Outlook is downloading all of my old messages over and over again. (I just installed the latest update to Office so that's not the issue.)

I read the MS post that this isn't an Outlook issue (http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/mac/forum/macoffice2011-macoutlook/outlook-my-outlook-keeps-on-receiving-old-messages/0555b601-5be3-4ec2-8d33-14cfc9fac1c8), but it REALLY IS since this NEVER EVER happened in the prior 10 years or so I've been using Outlook but is now an on-going issue.

I also have a PC and with OFFICE and lo and behold IT REFUSES TO DOWNLOAD ANY OF MY E-MAILS!!!!

I don't know what happened but is sounds idiotic that this has NEVER HAPPENED previously, but now all of a sudden is a constant pain in the A!