I too cannot resize in photo gallery and the "help" isn't helping.  Custom size doesn't allow putting in the size I need for web photos 823 x 310.   The "How do I edit photos" does not cover truly resizing photos.  Is there step-by-step help?
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Is Photo Gallery compatible with Windows 8.1?  I was using Photo Gallery successfully until updating to Windows 8.1.  Now I can't go from one folder in My Pictures to another when using Photo Gallery.  Whatever folder is open, that's the only one I can access.  The back arrow, forward arrow, undo, redo buttons are still on the top left but not highlighted to be able to use.  Am I doing something wrong?

When using Windows Photo Gallery the only folders I am allowed to access are My Pictures or My Videos.

While I do keep my complete photo collection on My Pictures on my desktop, I also keep a subset of these photos on One Drive so that they are available to third parties and  on my laptop. I am able to access One Drive photo folders using Windows Explorer or Skydrive.com but these are not available on Photo Gallery which, as mentioned above, seems to be restricted to My Pictures

Is there any change I can make to allow One Drive folders to be seen on Photo Gallery?

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I have a Windows Surface and recently it won't allow me to view my photos. I will open them up but then the photo will disappear leaving a blank square with only the photo code underneath. If I click on the individual photo, it will allow me to view them one at a time.My disk space is running low. Could this be the problem??
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I know this seems impossible but maybe someone can shed some light on how this happened.

I recently attached 5 pics to an email sent over my iPhone 5s (64gig) and when the email was received by my friend...not only did it contain the 5 pics I knowingly attached but as they scrolled down the screen my entire 3,500 pic collection of photos from over 10 years (about 4gigs) from Windows Photo Gallery was also attached. It doesn't end there...as Their entire collection of Windows Photo Gallery (from their own PC)appeared below my gallery. 

The attached Photo Gallery pics appeared on their screen as they would when you open your gallery...in a grid of small photo icons. The grid of photo icons was functional in that they would increase in size as they clicked on each photo.

*We each use Windows 7 and store pics on Windows Photo Gallery. (I also have my pics on the Google Picassa 3 photo gallery.)

*This email was sent over my iPhone (ATT) which only had about 200 pics on it and is not connected by Bluetooth to my PC...or any other way to my knowledge.

*I have charged my phone on their computer in the past but never been inside of the PC to download anything...They have charged their phone from my PC but never downloaded from it. (We do not know each others passwords to anything)

*I forwarded the same email to several other addresses but none of the forwarded emails contained any files other than the intended 5 attached photos.

*I am told the size of the attached photo collection was about 4gig.

*Apple iPhone tech people tell me that only the pics on my iPhone can be attached to an email sent by the iPhone.

I have spoken to people at Microsoft (my PC), ATT (cell phone provider), Yahoo (email) & Apple (iPhone) and none of them have even an idea of how this could have happened...several have said it's impossible...yet it happened.

PLEASE...Can anyone shed ANY light on this and how it could have happened? I am being accused of hacking or secretly downloading my friends Photo Gallery content and it has caused problems for me. 

Thanks in advanced for any suggestions!!! 

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I have been sorting my photos within each folder by caption or filename.  Somehow I accidentally made my photos within folders sort by file size.  This is interesting, but now I want to sort a different way, preferably by caption or filename.  How do I get rid of this kind of sort (I"ve tried clicking on "file size."
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I recently updated to  Windows 8.1. from XP and now use Photo Gallery but have to say I, like many others, wish we could go back to the simplicity of XP.

I edited a number of photographs in Photo Gallery and duly saved the alterations.  However when I now go into the folder the format of some of the edited photos has changed - they appear to have been "thinified" -  and the only way I can see the photo as it should be is by hovering  on the "black & white" box in the Edit format and photo goes back to 'normal'.   However, having then closed down the folder the 'corrupted' format then re-appears when next opened.  It does not happen with all photos.  What have I done and how can I cure this?

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I have an HP P7 Pavilion desktop running W7 Ultimate, I have scanned into Photo Gallery some images of animals and associated charts, which were damaged before I got them.  Is it possible to repair the torn images using Photo Gallery?  If so, How?

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How do I access, analyse and act on EXIF meta data in jpg files in Photo Gallery

Original title: EXIF

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When opening photos in Photo Gallery I get home, edit, find, create and view options in tool bar.  When researching how to use photo gallery key seems to be to click on FIX to open edit options.  I can't find the FIX key in any of the tool bar options.  I am so frustrated trying to edit pictures using new, to me, photo gallery.  Help, help.