Ididnt  consent to Outlook , it was just changed  from Hot mail  to Outlook

I have contacts in my favourite group that I have actually deleted  from my contacts list but they are still in the group list .  How can I remove them from the group list??  Why was my email upgraded to this new set up without my consent?  I much prefer the old set up!!!!!!!!


Too long ago to restore them also

Good day,
I have a Mac with Outlook 2011 as my main address but have several accounts.

The computer blocked (mackeeper was trying to install without my consent) and I had to turn the machine off using the power button.

Since I have lost 9 months of emails and yet earlier ones are there. I made a full update to the time machine just a few weeks ago.

Having gone through your forum I thought the obvious answer was either to try to rebuild or to repair. I followed all the steps (closing all applications, copied the user file, trashed the old folder identity and copied the new one, etc.). And inspite even deleting entirely the "Main Identity" folder it keeps opening with all the other emails (except the missing 9 months) and it does not prompt to rebuild.

Please could you tell why this happened and how to effectively recover all my email.

Kind Regards