I am a NEW Windows 8 User.  I previously used Vista with Windows Mail.  I am not a Business.  For years I have had Email Groups to Friends & Family.  Today, I sent my first email to one of my Groups, and Hot Mail would not send it.  Why do I even need Hot Mail?  I know that a Microsoft Employee spent nearly 3 hours to set up my new mail account.  My Primary email address is (removed by the moderator)  Some how my wife's name, Jo, has become the primary sender.  That is incorrect.  We have other email addresses that are all linked to this account.  They are (removed by the moderator); and (removed by the moderator).  I cannot function with limits on my email groups beyond what I have had during the past 6-8 years.  Please call me at (removed by the moderator)or (removed by the moderator)so this problem can be solved...JERRY CUDNEY (removed by the moderator)

I am getting the below error message when I try to send e-mails with a scanned attachment from Windows Live Mail. My e-mail server is through Road Runner Cable not Hot Mail. I called Road Runner and they say it is a Microsoft problem.


Delete the photo email, create a new one, and try to send it again.

Server: 'smtp-server.san.rr.com'
Windows Live Mail Error ID: 0x8CCC0003
Protocol: SMTP
Port: 25
Secure(SSL): No

I had Hotmail and I received a note that said I had been updated to Outlook. I now cannot see my hot mail screens, it is now outlook. How do I get my hot mail screens back. How could someone upgrade me from Hot Mail to Outlook with my permission.
Can you transfer a Live Hot Mail Contact directory to a tablet using the latest Google OS? Is it possible to print out the directory? Thanks, PMC.
My Hot Mail account is not working properly. Emails look blue and I can not open anything. I need your help, please!
Quiero recupear mi cuenta de Hotmail (*** Email address is removed for privacy ***) No me gusta Outlok
When I click on Hot Mail, sign-in page does not load. Dialogue bar reports an error. Dialogue reports 'currentStyle' is null or not an objeect.  This happened starting 7/24 and only when using Internet Explorer or Google Chrome.  Do not have problem signing-in using Firefox.