Can't get to place to change my billing information.  The Code thing does not work.  Do you want your damn money or not????????
I've got a problem/question about billing which I don't want to discuss in a forum - can I call somebody at hotmail (I'm in the UK)

I went thru the options, looking for Time zone and noticed Billing. Microsoft wanted me to type in my phone number, using a code.


Am I being billed for using Outlook?? If so, not a happy camper about this:((  I'd rather continue grief with Hotmail.  



I'm having issues canceling my hotmail account. It says that I have to cancel my billing service, but my billing service is cancelled and doesn't even exist anymore. MSN Direct
I am trying to delete my account. It says I need to cancel my billing service, but I have no paid services and no billing information entered. I need assistance deleting the account. Where do I call?

Please help!!!

When attempting to upgrade to Hotmail Plus, this message window appears:


No ads, more storage

You get more with Hotmail Plus, but it looks like it’s not available in your market.... but if you‘re able to pay with U.S. dollars, you can still get it—for only $19.95 a year.”


I was born in Tennessee and lived my entire life in the United States with a current address since opening the Hotmail account in Searcy County, Arkansas.  The Hotmail Plus Billing agent who instructed me by phone to  appeal to the Community, said that I was correct to be concerned since that message is displayed to accounts owned by users in other countries; Canada was specifically mentioned in the phone conversation.  I am a writer with a home office using the account with business contacts.

Can you determine if my live account, messages and manuscript attachments have been intercepted or otherwise compromised?

Thank you.-- Pat Winter