Hi, I am looking to reactivate an old hotmail account and wondering if there is a way to do this????

Hi, I havent logged into my hotmail account for poss a year and now it says the account does not exist.  If it is closed, how do i reactivate it? 


Please help :--( 

Want to reactivate my subscription to Ad-Free Outlook with credit card on file
I deactivated my account about 2 and a half years ago as it was compromised. How do I reactivate it as it is linked to another website and I cannot change my email on there without verifying my old email address.

My old address ends in a .com so I can't make a new account. How can I reactivate it?

Thank you in advance

I saved an unfinished e-mail as a Draft and I now need to amend it, finish it and send it, but I can't "reactivate" it, i.e. clicking in the text has no effect.  As you must have guessed, I am a novice, so please keep any answers as basic & simple as possible.  Hope you can help.      Yours,  Ridrobin.

1) I know there are hotmail plus before which could provide better service for email account.

Because of previous experience, I found it difficult to reactivate my email account after blocked. Now I would like to upgrade my hotmail account to a better one by paying a certain amount of fee in return for services. I don't want to be blocked or even cancelled for one more time.

Please advise if any products or services that could be provided by Microsoft.

2) Moreover, recently, I send an email to overseas with invalid/no longer used email address which send me back *** Email address is removed for privacy *** email. May I know I will be blocked again more easily as I was blocked before. I am afraid my account was even cancelled.


Thanks so much for your answer and support.