In relation to:

I am unable to hit "reply" to the last comment.
Had another issue a while back on another question where I was unable to mark one of my own replies as the answer to my own question... after I found a work around seeing as no answer was actually constructive. See:

My current issue (the first one above) is two fold:
#1. unable to reply
#2. MS's security system is so bloated that it's easier for me to rely on my alternative email address (a Yahoo one btw) for password recovery than it is to try and remember a new password. Essentially, the security of my MS account depends on the security of my Yahoo account...

...anybody see a flaw there?
Hi,why now days i have received so many spam e-mail and phishing e-mail...can you help me to check and improved your security system to block all e-mail have phishing...if you blocked the spammer e-mail,i think no use,because they have so many e-mail address,hope you can check it,thanks=)

I use block function to block also no use,they have many e-mail address,thanks=)