For reasons unknown to me, my spell checker is not available in my Windows Live toolbar when writing new emails. It was there once upon

a time but not any more so, how can I retreive it ?

after composing a new message in hotmail, before sending message I don't see my spell cheker feature. where is it or what happen to it
Why did MS get rid of the autocorrect button in the spelling checker for Outlook? 

It is a fundamental part of my efficiency since I am a poor typist and I make many consistent errors. In Entourage the process is much speedier as I can type much faster when the autocorrect function is working. In Outlook, I have to pause, call up the spell check, then can only correct the word at that moment. I assume there is no autocorrect learning going on in the background. 

Am I missing something, or is it really the case that MS has removed the autocorrect function? Or is the last line in the SpellCheck window list  (Correct Spelling Automatically) meant to do this? If so, it is not working in my case. Is there a way to make it work?