We have three iMac computers and one macbook pro running outlook and a hosted microsoft exchange. two of the iMacs are running microsoft 360 while the other one and the laptop are using microsoft for mac 2011. We all have the same email address synced to our computers but the two with Microsoft 360 are not syncing with the other calendar and contacts. We can't see what the other add or take away. They are all syncing correctly otherwise. How can we get the calendars and contacts sync correctly?


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These threads are all locked from what I can see, so I'm starting my own.

I have a Windows 8 Phone, a Windows 8.1 Desktop, a Windows 8.1 Laptop, a Surface RT and a Surface Pro.

My Outlook 2013 is reporting I have too many devices.  I've gone to the KB article http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2802703/en-us and I've filled out the form a couple of times, but no 24 hour reply (I just filled it out again).  Yes, I understand about spam filtering and junk folder.

I do not have an excessive amount of folders.

I'm syncing all my Hotmail on my desktop and my laptop.  I'm only syncing a few days on the other devices.

I've removed my outlook 2013 account from my desktop and my laptop.  Please reset my sync device count.

It's sad that this is an issue without better support.  If we can only sync x number of devices, then don't let x+1 connect.  Give us the ability to see how many devices we have (we used to be able to see individual trusted devices, but now it's hidden and your only option is to delete all of them and start from scratch.  That's ridiculous.  Bring back the device by device management of 2010-2011 that Hotmail used to support.

Please reset the number of devices on my outlook sync.  My email is @live.com domain if that helps.

Thank you.

SkyDrive worked perfectly for me in 8.0  Since going to 8.1 no syncing.

First thing is the files aren't actually on my pc till I realized I had to change them all to "make available offline" - fixed.

Now there is no syncing to my laptop. Can someone help.

My Setup

Both computers are Windows 8.1 pro and I connect to both with my Microsoft outlook login

When I go to the skydrivelive website the files are correctly synced and updated to the pc but the site says SkyDrive can't connect to either the PC or the laptop and gives me an option to remove both of them

There is no syncing from the live site back to the laptop

Should I try removing both computers and if so how do I reconnect them in windows 8.1?????????????



I have numerous files that aren't syncing from my laptop to Skydrive.  I can't figure out where to configure Skydrive so that any new files created on the desktop version of Skydrive automatically sync to the cloud.  Can you provide step-by-step directions?  All of the documents are showing the two blue arrows (syncing I guess) and never make it to a green check like the initial documents I uploaded to the web version.



I have problem with several files showing up in the uploading section although they are all completely uploaded. Skydrive on Windows 8.1 simply won't complete syncing somehow.
Annoying thing! Everything worked fine on Windows 8 - and now: Boom! Skydrive is creating file duplicates, syncing forever, nothing works... :-(

My contacts don't appear to be syncing properly in a number of ways:

  1. I've linked my LinkedIn account to my Outlook.com account. There are some LinkedIn contacts that don't synchronize with Outlook.com (most do sync). Why would certain contacts not sync?
  2. When syncing with Windows 8.1 Pro, there are some contacts that don't sync with the People app. The same contacts sync just fine with my Windows Phone and other devices (Android, iPhone, etc). Am I doing something wrong?

Thanks in advance.

my hotmail is not syncing in windows error its showing bay-m.hotmail.com error ...please anyone help how to resolve it my mails are not syncing from week

my hotmail is not syncing in windows error its showing bay-m.hotmail.com error ...please anyone help how to resolve it my mails are not syncing from week

I started using SkyDrive in November but around May I realized that the desktop app and the website were no longer syncing. I uninstalled and reinstalled and it appeared to be working again. I was out of school so I wasn't really using it anymore. But again over the summer I realized that it was no longer syncing between the two. I've uninstalled and reinstalled more times than I can count, but I've managed to figure out that the problem starts once I add something or change something after that first sync.

For example:I reinstalled the SkyDrive desktop app this morning. Everything was all clear between that and the website. All the check marks and everything. Later in the afternoon I created a new document and placed it in SkyDrive from the website. When I checked my personal computer later the check marks were gone and it was no longer syncing.

I would love to have this problem solved because I do really prefer SkyDrive to other cloud services.

Just set up new iPhone 5c to outlook.com account, my daughter's account, not this account.  Everything works fine, except the contacts are not syncing.  Tried deleting and re-installing account on iPhone to no avail.


I have seen others with the similar issue and it seems Microsoft can do something to the account to make the syncing between the Outlook.com account and the iPhone work.


Can that account be fixed for the contact syncing to work?