Dear Hotmail Staff,

Is there a way to recover emails received from a specific email address and between date range?

(NB : If additional maintenance and costs are needed for this request, please let me know and send the cost estimate. Depending on the price I will let you know if I will be able to pay this).

In 2011 I received an email from my sister with it attached a copy of my University degree. This is email has been deleted since.
The attachment would be really valuable information for me because it could help me finding a job. I am unemployed right now.

The option to recover recent deleted emails in Hotmail doesn't work for me. But I am convinced that you have other tools and
ways to this find back in your system.

- Period : between February 2011 and December 2011
- Emails to look at : containing attachments only
- Email address (sender) : (deleted in order to preserve privacy)
- Email address (recipient) : (deleted in order to preserve privacy)

I'm talking emails here. Got a problem and it is this:

I once use to have the full range of facilities, able

to select font size, font style, underline, italic, all that kind

of stuff when writing emails but now, suddenly, nothing.

I have an email lay-out page, able enter subject and addressee,

but that's all. The font size (unchangable) is a miserable size 8.

I need to get back to the same kind of email lay-out everyone

else on this planet uses. I have no idea where this economy

stricken lay-out has come from and even more surprised that

it exists. 

Would surely appreciate some expertise help.

How do I archive a date range of e-mails to a folder on my Mac and retain their original dates?
This started with a few messages, now happens with ALL messages.
I was able to delete an older email that was still in my inbox, however.
Holding option key down does not work.
Now messages do not download either.
What to do?
I have an odd problem searching in Outlook.  I have done the usual steps of rebuilding the database, forcing Spotlight to reindex, deleting the files in the library preferences that Microsoft recommends.  But I can't quite believe this is an indexing issue.

The problem I have is this. I want to search for all Outlook mails that fall in a specific date range.  I have found that all Outlook searches by "sent" or "date received" using a date criterion work only if the date provided is not a calendar date. in other words it finds all mails sent "this week", "this month" perfectly.  I can also use the "greater than" criterion and enter the number of days, and that works too. Thus it finds all mail sent more than 700 days ago also perfectly.  But when I ask it to fund all mails sent before or even on 05/01/2011 it does not work, and produces strange answers.

When I called into the IT help at my university, the tech person there (not a mac specialist) seemed to have the same problem.  Is there an issue with microsoft exchange servers with the latest iterations of office 2011?

Grateful for any help.