Dear Hotmail Staff,

Is there a way to recover emails received from a specific email address and between date range?

(NB : If additional maintenance and costs are needed for this request, please let me know and send the cost estimate. Depending on the price I will let you know if I will be able to pay this).

In 2011 I received an email from my sister with it attached a copy of my University degree. This is email has been deleted since.
The attachment would be really valuable information for me because it could help me finding a job. I am unemployed right now.

The option to recover recent deleted emails in Hotmail doesn't work for me. But I am convinced that you have other tools and
ways to this find back in your system.

- Period : between February 2011 and December 2011
- Emails to look at : containing attachments only
- Email address (sender) : (deleted in order to preserve privacy)
- Email address (recipient) : (deleted in order to preserve privacy)