Dear Hotmail Staff,

Is there a way to recover emails received from a specific email address and between date range?

(NB : If additional maintenance and costs are needed for this request, please let me know and send the cost estimate. Depending on the price I will let you know if I will be able to pay this).

In 2011 I received an email from my sister with it attached a copy of my University degree. This is email has been deleted since.
The attachment would be really valuable information for me because it could help me finding a job. I am unemployed right now.

The option to recover recent deleted emails in Hotmail doesn't work for me. But I am convinced that you have other tools and
ways to this find back in your system.

- Period : between February 2011 and December 2011
- Emails to look at : containing attachments only
- Email address (sender) : (deleted in order to preserve privacy)
- Email address (recipient) : (deleted in order to preserve privacy)
I can not get the spam filter to work because the the Security staff is busy looking at too many XXX rated sites them selfs
I've just accidentally deleted an important email containing an Xbox Gold redemption code from my deleted messages folder before having used the code!! Is there a way to get it back please? I've read that the microsoft staff may be able to help?

I agree with the two prior posters...I need to know how, under the "new and improved" contacts page (which really is NOT improved at all!) how to add/subtract names from my established groups, how to see who is in what group, how to e-mail to a specific group and how to e-mail to everyone in my e-mail contacts list. Also, how to rename groups. Where are the instructions to go with the new system???

Why have there been no responses from hotmail staff/techs. to these help requests?

I recently converted from a PC to a Mac at work, and I want to ask about a calendar view.
On my PC, I could choose whether or not to overlay multiple calendars  or view several calendars (i.e. others on staff) side-by-side, which is my preference or else everything is cluttered and it's hard to distinguish what events belong to which calendar owner..

On my new Mac, I have found that the overlay view is the default and I can't figure out how to change the view so that these calendars are viewed side-by-side.
When I was an Outlook on PC user, I frequently received meeting requests, then accepted them and then used that same meeting in my calendar to invite additional staff members I need to support that meeting.  Is this possible in Outlook for MAC 2011?

Recently I have been trying to have my questions answered by Hotmail staff but when they reply via the private message section

and ask me to sign in to see my private messages I have found that :

1.  there is no other separate signing in field to access my private message

2.  When I use the "reply" button on the message screen sent by the person who claims it is a private message section I found that my

    replies are either not being answered or it has not been printed and posted on the site. 

3.  I therefore do0 not know if my replies to the private messages are being received and read.