I am a delegate for several people, and have just switched from Windows to a Mac Outlook.

I have around five inboxes and calendars that I need to regularly check and manage. The issue is that my outlook is constantly trying to check all of the inboxes, and there is a quite a delay on receiving and sending emails.

I also am getting error messages when sending calendar invites on behalf of these people, and then the invites / acceptations are getting stuck in my outbox.

This has also happened to another member of staff who has the same requirements. We have spoken to our IT support team, and believe that it could be that Mac Outlook isn't quick enough to check these emails all the time?

What would anyone advise - is there another program for Mac that allows me to have multiple inboxes and calendars?


I have a user who has cancelled meetings, but yet they still show on other attendee's calendars, and vice versa.

Does anyone know what might be the cause of this? And a Fix?

Thanks for your time and help!

In Windows 7 Live Mail, I changed the name of my mail folder, and now when Live Mail starts, I get error message 0x8E5E0226, which says my calendars are corrupted. Tried to uninstall and reinstall, doesn’t work. I looked up the answer in Support, and advice said to delete the calendars, but I checked the file address referred to in instructions, and there are no calendars, corrupt or otherwise. I deleted the folder, and still Live Mail will not open. What’s next?

Could this somehow be related to the fact that this computer can’t copy a gig of files in less than 8 hours?

Thanks for your time.


How to subscribe to internet calendars in outlook for Mac?

I can't find the account setting for internet calendar to paste the iCal feed.

Please help.

Thank you.

Anyone know how I can remove the calendars located below my main calendar in Outlook?  I have no idea how they even got there.  I'm using Outlook for Mac 2011 with Exchange. Thoughts?

Hi there,

I was very interested in consolidating my e-mails into Outlook, I have one @live account through outlook.com, as well, I have outlook for my work exchange.  Primarily I am interested on consolidating the emails so they all show up on every computer (or device such as my iPhone), including my contacts and calendars.

Is there a way to feasibly do this? 

I currently use outlook 2010 calendar for my small business office scheduling needs. I have an IMAP account. We have three computers that our office assistants use to schedule appointments. The problem that we have come across is that if appointments are put in the calender in one computer, they are not shown in the calendars of the other two computers. 

Before we had the third office assistant, we used a third party program called easy2sync that was able to sync information from one computer to the other in a uni-directional manner. This is not practical now that we have the third computer and I would like to know if Outlook has a built in sync mechanism to sync calendars across multiple computers. I heard about a microsoft exchange account. Would this solve my problem and if so how?

In outlook 2013, I can subscribe to my 2 calendars. However, in outlook.com, which syncs to my windows 8.1 calendar app, when I try to subscribe to one of my internet calendars, I get the message:

There's a problem with the calendar URL that you entered. Please make sure you've entered it correctly and try again.

Thanks for any help.