I just got a new machine (Air) and downloaded Office 2011 for Mac.  I work for several different companies so setup identities for each client.  I need to do it this way, so that I can be certain that I do not send emails to people from the wrong email address.  That would be disastrous for me, and something I have done before, so I know the pain!

On my old machine (Pro) which also had Office 2011 for Mac, when I clicked on the Outlook icon the identities box came up and I choose which identity I needed to use.  I do this several times a day as I change company hats.  But I do not have this option now. I am not sure why it is not there, or if I need to download something extra.  

When I click on Outlook it just accesses the default email address.  And I know that to change default email addresses, I can hold down option, click on the Outlook icon, change the default email, close the identity dialogue box and then click on Outlook again to access the relevant email address, but you can imagine doing this several times a day is cumbersome.

Is there a way I can get the old configuration back of just automatically having the option to choose which identity I want to use when I click on Outlook?  The identity box that comes up does not have the option to always make it appear, so I am unsure what is wrong here.  Any help?

BTW, as an interim measure I setup separate users for each email address, and now flip between users using faster switching (or something like that), but this may still be problematic, because tools such as Evernote have had to be setup on each user profile, which is duplication of Evernote databases and therefore gobbling up storage which is extremely important on my Air machine.

Thanks for your consideration.
Looking for some help. I recently refreshed to a new retina MBP running OSX Mountain Lion from a previous MBP running OSX Lion. The new machine came preloaded with all the apps I needed and all I want to do is move local email folders in 'on my computer' to the new one. I proceeded to highlight the folder in question and then did a File-->Export to an .OLM file. The procedure worked (took a long time for 13Gig of data). Then I copied the OLM file to portable drive and then tried to File-->Import the .OLM file into Outlook on the new machine. Every time I tried to use the import function Outlook crashes.

Any ideas?


Our home PC is older running Windows XP, as well as IE 8 with Outlook Express.

Love Outlook Express!  Our home users all use that still.

But I realize that when our old PC dies soon, we will be getting Windows 8.  I have another personal laptop running Windows 7 and IE 10, so begrudgingly getting used to Live Mail for email on that machine (and getting used to Windows 8 on my new Surface, but it has a useless mail app). 

Seems like I read a lot of problems experienced by XP systems downloading Live Mail.  And in fact, it doesn't list XP as a supported system.  But it would be nice if I could do that on our old PC, because other household users besides myself could get used to it and transfer data, before the machine dies.

Of course, I'm thinking that Live Mail can store information in the cloud, so it's easy to set up a new machine? Is that true, or is information stored only on the machine?

Anyhow, should I try and download it to XP, too much risk to bother with it? 

Hi everybody,

As the title says I'm experiencing critical problems in restoring my emails and account after a time machine total restore. These are the steps of what happened:

I was experiencing serious problems with OS 10.8.2 after the major update (I really blame Apple for this... recent software updates are a disgrace one more than the other) so I really needed to do a full restore. 
My Mac is always totally backed up with Time Machine on an external USB drive, so I felt confident and safe not to lose any of my data.
I performed a total OS reinstall from the Recovery Partition of my Mac. Doing this initialized my HD and reinstalled Mountain Lion from scratches. 
At the first boot of the newly installed OS I've opted for a restore form a Time Machine Backup in the Migration Agent options. 
When the system booted again after the restore the very first thin that was displayed was a red Outlook Error (coming probably from the sync agent) that was asking me to rebuild my Outlook Database. I accepted to perform the Rebuild and it begun.
The Rebuild proceeded till point 4 of 5 when it interrupts and display the message "Your database could not be rebuilt. [-18000]" and then exits.
After that i launched Outlook and it asked me again to rebuild the Database. The process started once again but it failed in the same way.
I've checked the content of the folder: /users/myuser/documents/Microsoft User Data/Office 2011 Identities and thankfully all my messages and data are still there!! The only thing that is missing is the "database" file that office is unable to rebuild.
Is this a known problem? 
There is a known procedure to solve that or any other workaround? 
At this time my entire 10 years old database is unusable and this is really a critical problem for me so any kind of help would be much appreciated.

PS Sorry for the very long post but I'm Italian and I have some difficulties expressing myself in concise and short sentences.
Thanks in advance for any answer
I want to bring my entire address book, saved emails sorted into folders and calendar with recurring events. Can anyone tell me how to do this? Tried Windows Easy Transfer but that did not bring over my email stuff. Current system is an XP if that makes any difference.



Today my inbox full; i have try to archive mails in mac. i moved all the mails from server to onmycomputer(Mac).mails moved from inbox to local system. but i have checked webmail(OWA) my server mail box size not reduced. kindly help me to fix the issue. 


Thanks in advance.




A routine update has cleared the entire contents of my Outlook, including my identity, folders of emails going back five years, contacts and signatures.
I've found what looks like backed-up files in Time Machine called Microsoft User Data but I can't open any of the folders and there doesn't seem to be an application with which to do so.
This is a potential disaster as all my work stuff is stored in Outlook. Can anyone suggest anything please?
This happens on both my 2011 17" MBP, and my 2009 27" iMac.  I'm running Mountain Lion, and keep all Microsoft updates up to date.

Very frustrating, as I never recall having to do this on a WIndows machine.  

I'm now considering switching to Windows 8 due to all of the troubles I continue to have with using Microsoft's 2011 office products on a Mac - just a pain.  I left Windows because of Vista and Norton AntiVirus (hate both).  But now with Windows 8 Pro, I'm considering the switch for better integration with Office365, which I migrated our company to last year.  

My wife's Win 7 machine is reporting an imminent HD failure and a warning to back up important files. She is primarily interested in saving her e-mail files, primarily incoming messages. How do I do this? I plan to replace her HD and install a new one, and then use the recovery discs for her machine. Bud how do I first save her e-mail to an external file?

Many thanks.


--  Allen