I just got a new machine (Air) and downloaded Office 2011 for Mac.  I work for several different companies so setup identities for each client.  I need to do it this way, so that I can be certain that I do not send emails to people from the wrong email address.  That would be disastrous for me, and something I have done before, so I know the pain!

On my old machine (Pro) which also had Office 2011 for Mac, when I clicked on the Outlook icon the identities box came up and I choose which identity I needed to use.  I do this several times a day as I change company hats.  But I do not have this option now. I am not sure why it is not there, or if I need to download something extra.  

When I click on Outlook it just accesses the default email address.  And I know that to change default email addresses, I can hold down option, click on the Outlook icon, change the default email, close the identity dialogue box and then click on Outlook again to access the relevant email address, but you can imagine doing this several times a day is cumbersome.

Is there a way I can get the old configuration back of just automatically having the option to choose which identity I want to use when I click on Outlook?  The identity box that comes up does not have the option to always make it appear, so I am unsure what is wrong here.  Any help?

BTW, as an interim measure I setup separate users for each email address, and now flip between users using faster switching (or something like that), but this may still be problematic, because tools such as Evernote have had to be setup on each user profile, which is duplication of Evernote databases and therefore gobbling up storage which is extremely important on my Air machine.

Thanks for your consideration.

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