About a year ago I tried to get Syncing to work on Outlook 2011 because I really like it.  I like the look Calendar and I like the way the it creates different Calendars (with colours) for each catagory on my iPhone.

What I don't like is the way my Addresses in Outlook are duplicated, erased, added to randomly etc in Outlook.  It makes it useless.  

Since it was the holiday season, I decided to spend on day on this.  I even exported an OLM fine for back up.  That didn't work because I got a message saying that I quit the restore, which I didn't.  So I deleted my 2011 identity and went back to Entourage which works fine.

Then I thought that since I don't really care if Outlook syncs to the Apple Contacts or iCloud (which it does flawlessly), can I just use iTunes and ignore the syncing stuff?  Who knows, I might just try it again.


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