I noticed that the installation of Live Essentials 14.0 also included SQL Server Compact Edition 3.1 - would it be an improvement or beneficial if I opted to install SQL Server Compact Edition 3.5 or 4.0 - or is version 3.1 used by default no matter what version is installed?
I reverted back to hotmail from outlook after trying on two other computers. The one I finally used works fine. The other two converted but do not show the inbox content , or do they repond to opening folders etc. Using safari latest edition
I'm using Windows Phone 8, Office for Mac 2011 (Home edition), Mac OS X 10.8.2. Does anyone have any idea how to sync my WP with my Outlook calendar? (Downloaded WinPhone app as well). Thnx.

I was install office for mac standard edition, but I delete it. Install another edition Home and student 2011. After that I use my outlook 2011. It occur the error message: the Data Base is breaken down. Please rebulid it.  So I transfer the break down data base to other flie, and rebulid it. It can work regularly.

But it got some mail i need in old data base. I want to ask about how can i get back my mail in the break down data base.

Can I remove the Outlook application on my Office for Mac Home and Student edition without affecting Word, Excel, and PowerPoint?
I am using Outlook as part of the Office for Mac 2011 edition. I am using it  bilingual. Whenever I type in AFRIKAANS it changes what I have typed and it is driving me nuts to continuously go back and re-type. Any suggestion please?
I have purchased Office:mac online of the Student edition, however, i realized that Outlook is not included, can I purchase Outlook separately or do I have purchase a brand new set of Business edition again, it is funny if i have to do so.

If it is the warranty issue, can I just pay the different between Student and Business edition to upgrade to Business edition?


I tried to find a way to create favorite folders section on the navigation pane like in the Outlook PC edition.

But I cant seem to find to find the option Mac Outlook 2011.

Thank you,

It states that the service is temporarily unavailable, but I can logon form another pc.
Messenger 2009(build 14.0.,8117.416
OS - XP Home edition 2002 SP 3
Broadband - BT