I noticed that the installation of Live Essentials 14.0 also included SQL Server Compact Edition 3.1 - would it be an improvement or beneficial if I opted to install SQL Server Compact Edition 3.5 or 4.0 - or is version 3.1 used by default no matter what version is installed?
No matter what I do, the location remains Redmond, Wa. I can not change the Weather Location in the Calendar
I've been hacked, and I have more times than i can remember, tried to reset my password but it just wont happen.
I've gone through the process of entering my details, getting an email sent to a secondary address, answering security questions and all sorts.
Cant seem to find any way of contacting windows live directly to see if they can help either.
Does anybody have any idea as to what to do please?
I have several contacts on my Windows Live email account whom I never added and whom I cannot delete.  These people never requested to be added, they simply are.  They show up when I begin entering a name to send an email to, and they are also there in the official contact list (not just the drop-down one).  I know how to delete contacts.  However, when I try to delete them, they magically re-appear in a matter of seconds, less than one minute.  Therefore, I cannot delete them.  I have checked requests to be added to my group or contacts and they are not there, that is clean and empty.  These unknown contacts have been there for awhile and I finally decided to get rid of them, but apparently I can't.  Does anyone have a solution or suggestion for this problem I am experiencing?
Thank you.

PS: I am not using Outlook or anything like that, I just use a normal Internet browser, go to Hotmail.com, and then to my email from there.
i try to find the forward and i cant find it,tried so many things but i cant find it no matter what,only mo to delete and whatever,please help me to find forward.

Last week I update my hotmail and change to outlook, but why i cant use the outlook email address to log in/sign in MSN?

As all of my friend are using the outlook email address to log in/sign in after updated and the old address (hotmail) cannot be use to log in/sign in MSN.

Am I miss one step on this matter?

I used to be able to forward an email and delete/edit any attachments, such as prior emails sender name subject, etc.

With the new OUTLOOK all emails are bundled by subject matter. When you FORWARD an email all prior emails are always attched and forwarded also.

When you forward and then delete/edit prior attachments it looks like it works but when you check to see what was sent ALL ATTACHMENTS ARE ALWAYS attached again and everything is sent.



I used to be able to forward an email ( in Hotmail) and delete name , subject matter , etc of attached email. New 2012 Hotmail/Outlook combines all same subject matter emails and I can no longer delete prior emails from being forwarded...only solution I have found is to switch to GMAIL.
Outlook.com won't accept any size or format photo that I try to upload to my profile. Every photo, no matter how small, and all under the stated 4MB, that I try to upload results in the message: "We can't upload this display picture. Check to make sure the file name and location are correct."

Obviously since I'm uploading from my PC the file name and location ARE correct. Help!