I only have local Calender available on my Outlook Mac 2011. The Calender folder (which is configured for Exchange) is completely empty. It tries to sync with Exchange and keep downloading the items on and off but I there's nothing at all in the Calender folder.
When I try to go in Calender to create new Calender, the New Calender button is grayed out.
Outlook ver is 14.3.8 and Mac OS is 10.8.3
Is there anyway to fix this issue without creating new account from the beginning?


I have just moved to outlook and have my gmail going though it. Whilst my emails are all working fine I cannot see any of my gmail calender events in the outlook calender. It works fine in ical but not in the outlook calender. Can anybody help me.

Is there a way to "forward" all my birthdays from 2012 to 2013 without going through the "task" of manually changing them, or adding them one at t time to 2013?
Hi - can anyone tell me if it's possible to change the default screen to Calender (not Inbox) when starting up Outlook?

I am running: Microsoft Outlook for Mac 2011
Version: 14.2.5


Mac OSX 10.7.5 on a mac mini 2.5GHz intel Core i5


The updating calender is flashing and trying to update all the time and I get a 3204 error and it will not check my 3 hotmail accounts. I have tried uninstalling accounts and uninstalling the program then reinstalling and it will not work. Can you help



I synchronised Outlook for Mac 2011 with ical. I am seeing duplicate entries in outlook calender. How to stop events from duplicating

I have friends birthday on oct 4. my contact list has the correct date but when i get an "upcoming birthday" reminder, it says the birthday is october 3.


I just hit the button that say: "New Calendar" by mistake.  It created a new "On My Computer" calender, even though one already exists.  How can I delete it.  Since it was that easy to create.  I should be that easy to delete, but I can't find a way to delete it anywhere.
I am trying to send a calender invite and i want some people to mark as an optional attendee. I did not find any option into Outlook for MAC but it is possible on windows machine. Can some please advise.....
I've a problem that's been going on for almost 6 months now...

...when my Calender entries were syncing with iCal (now Calendar in OS X 10.8.x) my single entry could turn into 600 (and would and are increasing in Calender in ML). I want to simply delete all entries without having to go through the some-odd 80,000 events that are showing up. I also want to clear my Mac OS X Calender as well but I'll ask how to do that on a Mac forum.

Is there a single file in the Microsoft Users Data folder that I could delete? It's driving me crazy and I've had to turn off Office Notifications.