I've looked through all the forums,


I've turned off MPOP

My internet has no problems with ANY OTHER program

I've scanned my computer for Malware over and over and there are no viruses


At a loss as to what's wrong and it's really annoying me now.


When I use a different connection I don't have this problem, so the internet is the only weak link, but it's running perfectly so I don't understand. I can't continue using that connection becasue that's just for uni - this problem will continue when I eventually return home. Any further suggestions?

i had many contacts since many years i use msn on daily basis i sign in two days back n see my all contacts lost so kindly tell me any solution else it was great loss for me i have windows 7 n latest version of msn 

After installing the Office: Mac 2011 when I open Outlook and choose my main identify it does not recognize the identity.  When I tried to rebuild my main identity, it tells me database cannot be rebuilt. This is the first time outlook is installed on my computer. HELP! I’m at a loss on what to do.

I receive e-mail which contain hyperlinks to many retailers and traders associated with my line of work and I am unable to access their websites by clicking on the links. A message appears, which begins, "This file does not have a program associated with it for performing this action..." It then instructs me to either install a program or create an association in the Default Programs control panel. My WLM was fine yesterday but today it's not. Help! Please?
My husband went online and tried to get into Hotmail.  Microsoft required the name and password which he was unable to remember.  We requested a new password and the form came up asking questions he could not answer.   How does he get a new password without going through all those questions?
I am trying to set up new contact groups, but they do not appear in the category section. Having deleted my original groups, I am at a loss what to do. Any suggestions?

Am having memory loss!  The type size on the entire Hotmail site is so small I can bearly read it. How do I enlarge it? 

NOTE:  I do not mean when sending an email, but everything from folder names, to drop-down options, etc.


Peggy D.

About a month ago I inadvertently filtered out all of the names and addresses in the contact list in my Hotmail account. I thought I was accurately answering a question the site had posed . I was concerned about the change of appearance that had started to be displayed and so, I was going through it to familiarize myself when I somehow filtered everything out.

When I want to send a new email, and type in the name on the To: line, all is normal and all of the addresses show up as normal, so I know those addresses and names etc. are in this computer somewhere......

I am able to add new names and addresses.

I am not able to see the contact list, when I enter the Contacts, I am told that I have filtered out the addresses.

I am also not able to add names to a group mailing list that I had established 2 years ago. It still exists because I can easily send items to the members by tying in the name of the Mailing list. Recently there have been three new members added and I cannot find a  way to do this, even though the names and addresses are hidden in the Contacts list....somewhere.The Contacts list seems to lack any method for doing the addition to the Group.

Thanks for any help received.


PS I do not know the meaning of Mobile Version.....a phone? I am using a desktop pc.

SERVICE ?? JIM *** Email address is removed for privacy ***
I have never visited the advertisers sight before and do not know how they got access to my e-mail account.  It has happened twice now and I am concerned that other more offensive advertisers may do the same thing.  Can anyone tell me how to solve this problem?