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I was wondering if someone could help me with regard to forwarding emails with hyperlinks in please?  When I try to do it via Windows Live (using my Gmail account) any hyperlinks or formatting within the original email are lost.  The trouble is I need the formatting and hyperlinks to stay as I've just taken on some new work where this is required.


I can work around this by going directly into my Gmail account, but I don't like the look of it, it's very messy and hard to find things.  That's why I prefer Windows Live.  Therefore any help would be gratefull received!  Thank you.


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On many occasions we have copied text including hyperlinks from Word into an e-mail using copy & paste. The hyperlinks have been maintained but this month they have not i.e you just get the text of the link but nothing can be clicked. It always worked before. Any ideas??????
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messages arrive are typed out with >

there are no hyperlinks, nothing to connect to the internet 

for instance, an email message from this site read:  'Click here to go to the thread, click on the original post and click Stop emails.' Clicking accomplishes nothing.

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I have a new tablet running a full version of windows 8 and have installed windows live mail 2012.  I can't get hyperlinks to work in the signatures. We found instructions for WLM 2011, but those don't work. Can you please give step-by-step instructions for how to get websites and email addresses to be live hyperlinks.

Hyperlinks I receive in emails are not responding when I click on them.  There is no error message.  The wave just keeps going across the top of my screen as if it's going to connect but...nothing.  It just keeps going and going.  I've looked through all the discussions and the only problems with hyperlinks out there seem to be ones where people are receiving error messages.  I'm getting no message at all.  There is no email topic that applies to this unless it's "Send/Receive".  *** Email address is removed for privacy ***

How can I A) disable hyperlinks by default in emails I'm sending, and B) turn hyperlinks in emails I receive into plain text?
I have a word doc. with hyperlinks connecting various pages.  I want to share it with other in my team.  Problem?  SkyDrive strips ALL the hyperlinks.  Anyone found an anwer??  Any help would be appreciated!  Thanks.
These 2 basic features, resizing of images in the body of an Outlook email and autoformatting of hyperlinks in Outlook,  do not seem to be available with Outlook on Mac when it is standard with Outlook on Windows. That kind of annoying features, or lack thereof, could drive my company to drop Outlook exchange in favor of a more Apple friendly email client, when Outlook is otherwise a perfectly fine and proven email client. Is there a solution for this? Currently or soon to come?
I receive e-mail which contain hyperlinks to many retailers and traders associated with my line of work and I am unable to access their websites by clicking on the links. A message appears, which begins, "This file does not have a program associated with it for performing this action..." It then instructs me to either install a program or create an association in the Default Programs control panel. My WLM was fine yesterday but today it's not. Help! Please?
Can the 2011 Outlook for Mac have hyperlinks on pictures as opposed to text?  With businesses linking to social media suck as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc, it's a necessary tool!!  Come on Microsoft!!