Received an email supposedly from microsoft/hotmail - It gives Message ID 66198 - says I need to confirm my identity etc as I have received too much email in the last 7 days.  Is this a scam or for real.   Strange thing is Hotmail's spam filters indicate there may be an issue with the message.  Do I just dump it?  Or do I really need to confirm information to get getting my emal.

How can I be alerted to when I have mail in my in box when I'm on another web site. Is there away to but something on the bottom/lower information bar. Thank You
Windows Live™ Team (*** Email address is removed for privacy ***)

Dear Customer, 
Windows Live Hotmail® accounts has been growing really fast. We are having too many congested email due to the 
anonymous registration of Hotmail, Msn, and Live Accounts on our database system. Please reconfirm your email account 
and information to know if your account is still active and will also be recorded on our new database system. We need you to
 reply and fill in the information below within one week or you will lose your account permanently.
*Password  *Date of birth  *Country or Territory   * Your Security Question Here are some ways to help you manage your account after you reconfirm it. Create an archive - Set up a folder on your PC’s hard drive where you can save large attachments. Then just delete them from your inbox. You’ll still have them and your inbox will be that much smaller. Make your filters work for you- Did you know you can set up your Hotmail account to immediately delete junk e-mail? Go to Options, and click Filters and reporting. Under the “Delete junk e-mail” section, select Immediately to delete junk e-mail right away. Once you’re finished, click Save and you’re done. Delete a bunch of mail at once- Go to your Junk and Deleted folders, and clear them out by clicking the “Empty” button in the action bar. If you have more questions, please read our help topic on Hotmail storage. Sincerely, The Windows Live Hotmail Team Microsoft respects your privacy. To learn more, please read our online Privacy Statement.
 Microsoft Corporation, One Microsoft Way, Redmond, WA 98052-6399, USA © 2012 Microsoft Corporation.
I am so upset, angry and frustrated right now. I signed into Hotmail and found not one single email from over 10yrs apart from a 'Welcome to Hotmail email'. I had forgotten my password and needed to reset it, it was all very straightforward and then I find NO EMAILS! I hadn't used my account for a bit as I was hospitalised for a serious medical condition. I have lost emails from loved ones who have died during the bushfires to personal emails that I really wished to keep. It is not upgraded to outlook, it is still under Windows Live - Hotmail so the Outlook upgrade is not the issue.

I am devastated by this loss and as someone who traveled extensively backpacking and on working holiday programs / volunteering internationally, it was always seen as a 'safe' option to photocopy all your documents like passport, visas, immunisations, qualifications, flight details / information, accommodations, program fees / information, birth certificate and various other important things and email them to yourself. Microsoft was seen as a trustworthy company to use an email service that could be accessed globally, well-known with a great reputation.

Now my trust in Microsoft has been completely destroyed, I wouldn't be as upset if:
  • my account had been deleted because at least then I would be more confident my information isn't being used for fraudulent purposes
  • the inability to find any support contact information for Microsoft let alone their complaints service
  • The fact I did not receiving any responses from their feedback form and finally to how I was treated by their chat support at Microsoft.

I was horrified at how I was treated and as someone who has previously worked as a senior tech, this is NOT how tech supports their customers. Yes Windows Live - Hotmail is a free service, HOWEVER, I purchase their products, if I didn't I would be using a Mac. I have paid insane prices for Office and various other software programs so I deserve to be treated with respect. I have spent tens of thousands of dollars on Microsoft since I owned my first PC many years ago but it shouldn't matter how much I have spent, even if I only bought a PC and I am running Windows, I still PAID for it so I deserve to be treated like a valued customer.

I have never hated Microsoft but right now after losing all my cherished emails, files and photos that were stored using a trusted company, I have lost faith in them. I spent hours trying to find information to resolve this issue and every contact page took me to somewhere else or some other page that was not relevant. 

I want to be assured if they can't retrieve my emails and my detailed information where someone could fake their identity will not fall into the wrong hands. I am devastated by the loss of many cherished documents let alone the identity information that is no longer there either.

On the off chance someone can actually resolve my issue or at least explain to me why it can't be resolved I would really appreciate it! Sorry for the massive vent, like I said I can't even remember the last time I was this mad. Thanks again though for hearing me out, it is greatly appreciated.

I have new laptop due to Trojan worms ruining my old one.  I have created 3 email accounts on this laptop but cannot find any place that will allow me to add my contacts manually.  It used to be so easy just a click and you were there ready to put in your information.   

thanks for any help!  

Hello my hotmail account has been hacked. The phone number attached is an old number no longer in service and the password reset email has been changed by the hacker. I have tried the identity validation by providing information but received an email telling me that "Unfortunately, we were unable to verify your ownership of this account using the information you provided" would it be possible to either a) receive a PM allowing me to prove the ownership of this account. or b) deleting the account and all its content

Thank you
I have Bell Sympatico. At one time, next to the email groups, it displayed the number of people in each group, I presume a counter of some kind. With changes, the number of people in each group now does not display. This was good information, especially in determining maximum emails that you can send daily according to your account limits. Seems to me this would be an easy fix because the programming for this existed at one time. If it's not broken, don't fix it! Anyone notice this and what can we do to have this brought back?
I have received a message from moderator Merelyn_U , but I can't reply? He/she sent information to me on the 23 Dec, saying to go to MS support and follow info, however I have done all this and was waiting for an answer to this. I have just received another email on the 26 Dec, telling me to do the same, I am very puzzled?
I am having problems accessing my hotmail account.  I have sent details of this problem to the forum.  The answers I have been given aren't relevant to the problem and will not help.  I want to speak to a real live living breathing person who know something about this and I find it much easier to absorb and respond to information and advice this way and I read that there is no such facility available for Hotmail issues.  I find this extremely unsatisfactory and frustrating and would like to know why this kind of help isn't available.  It isn't as though Microsoft needs to cut costs. 

If anyone knows how I can access a helpline that is authorised and without an extortionate fee I would be very grateful as I have  now been trying to access my hotmail account for ten days.