My wife and I both have hotmail accounts on one pc.  I always click the keep me signed in box for my account but it keeps defaluting back to my wife's account every day I check my mail.    She hardly ever uses the pc and always signs out of her hotmail account when she checks her mail. Is there something I can do to prevent this.

By default, the firts column in calendar pane in WLM starts with Monday, which is obviously the way to go for all Christian countries.

In Israel the work week starts on Sunday. Is there a way to shift the columns, so that Sunday is first column?




The default font on my live mail has suddenly changed to 8point characters even though the font is displayed as 12 point.  The only way I can get the desired 12 point is to create my own Stationery option.  This is cumbersome and I would like to know how to restore to a 12 point default.
 I really do not like OUTLOOK  yet I have to reset it to hotmail every time i log in!  How can have hotmail (which is what i have always had!) as my default setting? It's a nuisance having to reset from OUTLOOK every time I log on!
Hello, is there a way to default to "all folders" when you bring up the contact search? Mine is defaulting to my exchange server directory.


Still all the data is on my computer. However, when trying to select a default identity my data is not seen somehow in the list of identities.
My Hotmail account defaults to Outlook.  I can't get out.  I hate Outlook.  I like Hotmail, not that its much better than gmail or att or a jillion others.  But outlook is really really really bad.  Kill outlook, or at least let me get out.  Who designed this lobster pot anyway?  It is a trap, a road to nowhere.  Get me out.  I hate it.
I converted to Outlook (did not rename my account) and added an Outlook alias. When I send mail from my Live account, I don't see a way to set the default 'From Email ID' as my Outlook alias. I can set the reply to as the alias, but not the from ID. Is there some way to do this without renaming the account? I have a windows phone and don't want to go through all the stuff to reset the phone and put everything back on it somehow.