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I have searched for the answer to this question but still cannot figure it out.


I am trying to change the default folder where I attache files to my emails. I would like to change the default folder to a folder I specify. I thought windows was supposed to remember the last folder which I opened but it doesn't.  I was able to specify the default folder prior to my having to do a system restore due to another problem. I am trying to eliminate have to open 3 folders to get to the files I need to attach to emails.


Any help would be great. Thanks]


After upgrading from 'Windows 8 Pro' to 'Windows 8.1 Pro Preview', the SkyDrive folder has acquired a red cross on my laptop and doesn't sync. Earlier, on Windows 8, my SkyDrive folder was on E: and not on System Drive C:. Now,  the default folder is C:\Users\User-name\SkyDrive with a red cross stuck on it, where I had to compulsorily move all contents of my old SkyDrive folder.

Further, when I visit website https://skydrive.live.com/#cid=.............. and click on PC > Computer-name, a message reading "Sorry, but SkyDrive Can't Connect to "Computer-name"" is encountered, though I am acting from the same computer, which obviously is on and connected to internet. However, it is not possible to access the SkyDrive Settings tab, where as earlier, under General, I can select Let me use SkyDrive to fetch any of my files on this PC, if it is not done at the time of installation.

Any solution to this problem of new incarnation of SkyDrive, which appears more handicapped than equipped, as claimed ?

Title says it all really.

When I select the 'Attach File' option when creating an e-mail in Outlook, a window opens which defaults to 'My Documents' folder.

As I primarily attach files from the server at work, I would like this to be the default option.

Is there any way to change this setting?


Many thanks



It always dumps into some Temp folder, even though I have Firefox save to the Desktop.

How do I change this?

The Office 2011 folder icon is now the default folder icon on my Mac OS X 10.7 system.  How do I restore it to the custom Office folder icon?

Thank you!

Hello, is there a way to default to "all folders" when you bring up the contact search? Mine is defaulting to my exchange server directory.


I'm under the impression that the "Inbox (on my computer)" should be a default folder located along with the other folders in the left had nav bar (it is not there).  My account is an exchange server but I need to archive older mail onto my computer.  I assume this is the reason that my computer is not archiving the email even though I have set up the rule and enabled it.

Please help.