Microsoft has made it virtually impossible to navigate my email account to do attempting to change my security information after I forgot my password.  Once I was able to verify my account, I reset my password and was updating my security info as it was no longer valid.  I attempted to change my birthday and the system decided I was born in 2013 and locked me out of my account until "a parent" logged in, paid $.50 and verified me, a 31 year old man, was able to use my account which I have had for at least 15 years.  Now I am not able to change my birthdate and unable to change my security info, i.e. extra email address and phone number.  Sooooooo........If I do not have permission to change my info, how am I supposed to reset my account?  I have found Microsoft to be extremely unhelpful.  Anyone else have any suggestions?
Dear Fellow Hotmail users

I have a problem which hopefully you can help with. My daughter seems to have accidentally corrupted the settings on her hotmail account so that everything on the account is in very large size, this makes it virtually impossible to navigate around the screen, making the account virtually useless. Is there any way of changing the default font size / or restoring original settings of an account?