I create a folder in the cDrive and export mail from live mail and in the folder that I have created there are sub folders with the messages titled Optus. Co d69, Optus.CO d1, Optus.CO 1d1 and so on. What do these folder names stand for.


That's about it. When I scroll across the items on the list (folder names, including inbox), it indicates a link. But when I click on it, nothing happens. At the bottom of the list on the screen are the latest emails, but they cannot be accessed and I cannot page down to access more emails or the rest of my flagged items. Clicking on the emails does not open them to be read. When I first encountered this problem last night, I logged out and when I logged in later in the evening, the system had returned to normal. However, when I logged in this morning, the same problem was present and logging out, then back in, did no good.
I rebuilt my identity as outlook wouldn't open.  After the rebuild Outlook opened but then all my folder names were gone and replaced with 'Recovered Folder 1, ...2, 3...etc.  I tried to rebuild again and the folders returned but now I can't save anything to a folder and I'm not able to create any new calendar entries.  

I still have the original identity saved as a copy but haven't tried to copy/paste that under the main identity file yet.  

this app is making me miss outlook on my PC...

Any help is most welcome!
I can create a new folder for emails but when i double click to name the folder, it only stays in edit mode for 1-3 seconds - not enough time to fully type the folder name. Anyone know what causes this and/or how to fix this? it's anoying not being able to edit  folder names.
I can add a new folder to Outlook 2011 for Mac however when I try to rename this folder it suddenly becomes un-highlighted so I cannot even rename the folder. This is very frustrating and happens 100% of the time. I have dozens and dozens of folder names.

To start the rename I can either double-click the new folder name, or right-click and choose Rename.

I'm using IMAP for my email accounts.