I just had to reload Windows 7 and all of my programs.

During this process I had to import my Windows Live Mail folders which I had prviously saved.  But they now show up under Imperted Folders and not in my default account folder. How can I move the old folder structure and  Emails stored there into my new Default Account Folder structure?



I tried to send four emails, each with a large file that, apparently, exceeds the file size. Everytime a Send/Recieve happens, Outlook tries again to send these files.

I want to DELETE the files from the Outbox, but don't see the outbox in the file structure (on the left).

I am worried about Outlook 2011 stability for some of our users. We know that it doesn't like large mailboxes. Is the situation with a number of smaller mailboxes, adding up to a large database going to cause the same problems?