When I first purchased Office 2011 a few days ago, I imported my old Entourage emails; all was fine. Now, not a single email shows in my Outlook mail, though it shows that I have unread emails. And all the emails that were initially in my folders are still there. But nothing in my inbox, drafts, sent, or deleted.

Additionally, I can send emails. And when I receive an email, it shows it being downloaded but it is nowhere to be seen.

If I do a search for an email I know used to be in my system, it will show up in search, but not in my inbox.

I've tried every type of viewing setting but I still imagine it must be a viewing issue??

I'll be grateful if anyone can offer suggestions to solve the problem!

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I can login to my hotmail account using a web based outlook brouser to read my mail but when trying to add the same account with the same user name and password in essentials it will not reconise the password. Everytime I open windows live mail it pops up the account and ask for the password.  I type the same password used in outlook mail brouser into the box and check the box to save the password but it pops right back up and will not download the folders in the account.  Whats up with that>

Unable to send or receive messages for the Hotmail (XXXXXXR) account. The sign-in name you entered doesn't exist, or your password is incorrect.

Server Error: 0x80048821
Server: 'http://mail.services.live.com/DeltaSync_v2.0.0/Sync.aspx'
Windows Live Mail Error ID: 0x80048821
  The XXXXXX is just to protect the account.
Since the switch from hotmail to outlook mail using windows live mail most of the mail i receive on a regular basis is now going to my junk folders have 3 hotmail accounts and all are doing the same thing i have been able to figure this out any help would be appreciated 
I have setup my domains.live.com service with my old outlook mail. After a day i seen that again Pending DNS configuration.  So i decided to create a new mail and setup again. . Now this is my new email. I created fresh DNS records in my GoDaddy account..
I attached the screenshot in to this,, check that and tell me .. Are they correct or I need to change ????
My Domain Name also included in screenshot with Large Letters. .!
1.  Is there a way to add stationery for the background in Outlook?

2.  How do I make my calendar show up on my Outlook mail page?  It shows up on Windows Live Mail 2012 but thought I would try this one out.

3.  If I had a hotmail account, can it be moved over to Outlook, or do I need to make a new account with that name in Outlook? If it can be moved over,
     will the folders go with it like Inbox, Sent, Save, Delete, Drafts, etc.

4.  If I have to make a new account with the old hotmail address, is that considered an alias and will that have the folders needed to separate the
     two accounts?

5.  Sometimes I go out to check for new email - is there a way to make it do a search on demand? Or is there a setting for it to search every so many
     minutes?  Windows Live 2012 has a send/receive button I can click whenever I want to do a quick search for a message.

6.  Since I already have my main email set up on here, why aren't I getting my mail? Nothing has come through for the past 2 hours, so I turned Windows Live back on and received 5 messages.

I am very computer-challenged and just need someone to reassure me that all this personal info (including DOB, address, passwords, etc...) that I'm being asked to forward is legitimately from OUTLOOK and not some scam artist. 

I received an e-mail (in french) from Outlook (I think) saying I risk losing my e-mails - if I don't answer within 48 hours .  

(I have  hotmail.ca and a hotmail.com e-mail accounts).

Since it took me a very long time to find this forum and hopefully add this question in the right place - I ask that you reply to my e-mail address (*** Email address is removed for privacy ***) - otherwise I may never find your reply.  Pls. keep it simple as I don't know all the techie lingo - and I'm not a kid.

Thanks, Kathy
As in title, is really disturbing process and now my windows phone cannot sending e-mail with error "reject by server".
And i must reply with open my outlook mail with browser and fill the verification code.

Need help to solve this issue.