I'll need very detailed, step by step, instructions on how to uninstall Windows Live Mail without losing any of my current information in my contacts or current email folders. 

I think it was very irresponsible for Microsoft to include Windows Live Mail with Windows if they were not going to support the program.


if I uninstall windows live mail will this affect my Hotmail ?
if I uninstall windows live mail will this affect my Hotmail ?
I have OE 6.

Recently I decided to try out Windows live mail. However there were aspects of it that I didnt like. This included that the fact that when I tried to open eml files in OE they failed to open.

I decided to uninstall Windows Live Mail.

However, when I reopened OE and tried to open an eml file, the system couldnt identify what file type it was and wouldnt open it. 

In the end I had to do a system restore to the point at which WLM was installed.

Is this normal?  And if installing/uninstalling WLM causes these issues, I have to wonder how someone with less PC knowledge than myself  would deal with this situation. 

If I install or uninstall a program, I dont expect it to interfere or disrupt the operation of another application.

My Windows Live Mail which I  have had for 3 months is corrupted.  It opens but a box asks do I want to go online yet it will not connect. . I can only access mails on webmail  Do I need to uninstall Windows Live Mail?  I would prefer some other way