Let me start off by saying I'm a PC guy with VERY limited MAC knowledge. I've been put in the role of supporting a MAC user.

Several months ago, we migrated her mailbox from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2010. When we did so, her Entourage broke. Research showed that Entourage would not work with Exchange 2010, so we upgraded her to Office 2011/Outlook.

At first, things looked to be going fine, then she started complaining about calendar.

I started looking, and her outlook 2011 did not reflect all calendar entries (not even 10% of them). I worked on it for a bit and could not figure out what was going on. She also polls an IMAP mailbox that is outside of our organization. 

Finally, I decided to create a new profile (or as the outlook mac community calls them, a new identity).

I found the database tool and created a new identity and configured it to connect to the Exchange server. Once it finished it synchronization and reported all folders are up to date, I did a comparison.

Her mailbox, if I connect with a PC and Outlook 2010 and look in list view, reflects 1169 items dating back to  2007 and ranging forward to 2017.

On her MacBook Pro (OS X v10.6.8) running Outlook 2011 v 14.2.2 reflects that she has 19 items, all dated in 2012

Any idea what gives here and how to resolve the issue?

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