Having moved over to Mac and lived a crash-free existence for the last 2 years, the down-side is/was losing Outlook. 

So ‎I spent some money and bought Office:Mac 2011 because it has Outlook (finally) and all Mac/PC arguments aside Outlook is the best mail/calendar/notes/tasks integrated package. iCal and Mail are still in clunky land. But.... Miserable Bill and his team won't let Outlook for Mac sync with iCloud, nor can you do any kind of work-around. Import, yes, sync, no. I got my hotmail calendar to subscribe to iCloud, then tried to get Outlook to sync with that. No dice. Thank god I only paid the academic price... and a wasted afternoon... Come on Bill, it's such an obvious thing to want, and how hard can it be?

What's the point in having Outlook for the Mac and then forcing it to live in splendid isolation?

Talk about disappointed... of course you don't find out until after you've spent the money... 

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