I have two calendars in Outlook 2010, the default one for home and other for work. I want them both to appear in Windows Live.
I've installed Hotmail Connector and the default calendar from Outlook appears in Live, no problem, but the other one doesn't appear.
I've tried publishing the work calendar and sending an invitation to myself (same account for Hotmail and Windows Live)  to subscribe to it but I'm told that the calendar has to be made public before I can subscribe. However,  it's private so I can't do this. Import and export is no good; they need to sync.

I haven't tried the other way around, that is to create a calendar in Live and sync it to Outlook, so this might work, but it isn't what I want to do. I need to create the calendar and events in Outlook and have them flow through to WL. Not sure what I'm forgetting or whether this is possible. Hope someone can help.


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