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I have been using live mail for some years now without problems, but the last few months I am experience a very annoying thing with the safe/unsafe senders lists. Mail from trusted senders (for example *** Email address is removed for privacy ***) which have been on the safe senders list for a long time, are now repeatedly seen as a possible threat. And every time I tell live mail the sender can be trusted and this sender's address appears in the safe senders list as it should, it dissappeares after restarting Live mail. Even when I manually add the address to the safe senders list via safety-options this annoying thing happens. It does not happen to all my safe senders though, maybe with 7 out of 10... Live mail just doen not seem to save some senders any more...

I can't find anything usefull about this on-line. Anyone's got a clue?

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