I received an email saying I had exceeded my limit of emails but I have only sent, maybe, half a dozen and received not many more than about twenty, so is it a scam to get my details or has someone hacked in and using my account to send spam?

Dear WindowsLive Customer (*** Email address is removed for privacy ***) , 

We are sending this e-mail to inform you that your e-mail account has excedeed it's sending and receiving limit in the last 7 days.
Due to this , we have to suspend your account in order to prevent unwanted bots and spyware using our customer's accounts.

In order to verify your account and lift the suspenion limit, please verify your account information on the link below: 

[link removed to protect my security]

The limit applied on your account will be lifted as soon as you verify your account.

After verification , you may use your e-mail account as usual.

We are sorry for any inconvenice that this might have caused. 

Hotmail Security Team.

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