Hi all -

I am in the process of moving from an in-house IMAP server to a hosted Exchange server for my small business e-mail.

We have a lot of email messages, especially in shared folders that are shared among our five users.

Previously I was using Apple Mail, so in order to transfer the mail to the Exchange server, I added the exchange account and manually transferred mail to my Exchange inbox.

As Apple Mail doesn't support Public Folders in exchange, I then set up my new Exchange account in Mac Outlook and moved the emails from my inbox to my Public Folder (that all 5 of us will be sharing).

The problem is, the Public Folder is giving me the above error code and has only synchronized a portion of the emails in that folder.  So when I go to Outlook Web Mail, it is only showing maybe 50% of the emails even though my Outlook client has them all.

My hosting provider is unable to advise why and they said there is no limitation on mailbox size on their end.  

They have suggested that I try to migrate my emails using an IBM but I don't have any IBMs, and I"m afraid this issue may come again when I try to move emails to the Public Folder in the future.

It's about 4 GB of mail.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!


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