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I have Windows Live Mail and cannot now access my TALKTALK accounts - it keeps saying the passwords are incorrect, which they are not.

I can access the same accounts via webmail  and my IPod and it accepts the passwords OK.

I have reset the accounts in Live Mail and run Repair via Control Panel for Windows Essentials 2012.

TALKTALK say it is not their problem if I can access the accounts via web mail.

The problem did not exist before I tried to access the TALKTALK accounts whilst their server was down.

I am using a POP3 access and have the correct incoming and outgoing mail server names, which have not changed since it was working.

In fact it is working OK for the SMTP outgoing mail side; only the receiving side is not working.


Old Title: Winlows Live Mail will now not accept the valid passwords for my TALKTALK accounts, following their server problems

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