I'm helping out a family member. She is using Windows Live Mail and likely didn't shut it down correctly, resulting in the index blowing out. She managed to recover all her stored emails in the Storage Folders a time or two, but this last time they didn't come back.


What I have done so far:

Run a repair on Windows Live Mail.


Uninstalled Windows Live Mail and reinstalled.

Attempted to restore

Attempted to import


I can find .eml files that appear to be the missing emails in storage folders (there are 3 file sets for storage folders, one I'm assuming for each time she failed to shut down properly.)

What I can't seem to do is import those emails back into Windows Live Mail.


The message I get is that there are either no emails to import or the files are in use by another program.

Yet, I know they are there, I can see the .eml files when I run a search of the hdd.


Help please?


(She's on Windows 7 Home Premium.)



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