I will do my best to simplify this problem:

First - I have a desktop which is running Windows 8.1. I run it in desk top mode.

I have Skype installed and have had a Skype account for several years. I also have Windows Essentials installed. The most important part of WE, for me, is Windows Live Mail. It is a very useful mail program.

Now - the problem: Every day when I boot up my PC, I get a message from Windows Live Messenger stating that a new version is available. This message seemingly came from no-where starting about a month ago. I'm given two choices, I can upgrade or not upgrade. If I say okay to the upgrade the program returns a message which says there is already a newer version installed. I assume that this is referring to "Skype". Since it seems to be discouraging me, I select "Cancel".

Of course the next time I reboot the same upgrade message is present. It is quite annoying. I really just want the annoying message to go away, but I'm not sure what is driving it. The thing that I don't want to do is to disrupt my Windows Live Mail program with all my e-mails and contacts.


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