Whenever WLM automatically checks for new messages at a time interval, the first of my two email accounts fails to get messages and the message dialog pops up saying some errors occurred but there are no errors listed in the "Errors" tab and the "Tasks" tab shows only the second account is processed with a green arrow. The first account is listed but no green arrow showing it was processed. If I do a send and receive using the "Send/Receive" icon or [F5] for all accounts everything works fine. There is also no problem when WLM starts up.


I'm running this on a Windows 7 Professional laptop. I have tried for a year to solve this with updates, uninstall/reinstall, removing and adding accounts, etc. I would love to fix this so it works as expected but I would settle for a solution that just prevents the dialog from popping up every 10 minutes when WLM autochecks for new messages and the first account fails to process. Is there a way to suppress that dialog? 

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