WTF is going on with my hotmail account? I have received a returned e-mail I never sent!

This happened last year and had to create a new account but now when I tried to I got a message of unable to complete at this time...

I changed my password yesterday,only to find another return notice of unable to send or delayed...I never sent the BS in the first place!

I have no contacts listed,yet somehow it sent out even more to folks I reply to.SO I deleted any info that could be used to gain access to any of my other e-mail accounts,removed my ph. no.etc.etc...was trying to get this BS too end!!! I will try again later to delete my account and make a new one!

I even tried contacting the "postmaster" but that mail was returned as well,I think my account may be frozen now,yet no notice of that as of yet!

I had beefed up my security weeks before,and this only seems to have started at the beginning of July 2012.I ran 3 full scans with 3 different anti-virus,nothing is showing in any of them,even installed a new on temporarily to be safe,nothing showed on that either,so only thing I can think of the account has been hijacked,but the password change should have stopped that! As I said before WTF is going on here???     

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