I have just received an email (copied text below) telling me my account needs to be re-activated and I need to do this by following a link provided in the email itself. It sounds a bit suspicious, but I wouldn't want my account to be de-activated. Does anyone know or has received a similar email or should I regard this as a phishing scam?


the address of the sender shows as: "Hotmail.Te​aml.ID-6755​.uk@wlive-h​ot.msg.ju3n​e.fytq.micr​osoft-smart​start-tech.​co.uk" I thought it was odd that the email address is from UK, yet the

address in the text is from a location within the US.Thetext of the email follows:

"We are sending you this e-mail because Microsoft SmartScreen Technology has detected that your account information is not correct.

This may be because your Hotmail account was accessed from an unfamiliar computer or you have made changes in your account information.

Due , to this you will need to re-activate it your account by simply logging in on the following link:


Failure to activate your account in 24 hours may result in permanent account suspension.
In most situations, you should be able to activate your account in less than one minute. 

WindowsLive Security Team

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