I recently purchased a MacBook Pro with Mountain Lion installed.  I added Office for Mac: 2011, Home & Business.  OS and Office fully updated.

I have an IMAP e-mail account.  Outlook is not connected to an exchange server.

There are messages not showing up in Outlook that are showing in my inbox on the server.  

Troubleshooting steps:
Used Microsoft Database Utility to rebuild my Identity.
Used Microsoft Database Utility to create a new identity.
Deleted ALL Identities and rebuilt a new one.
Configured Mail to connect to same server without issue and no missing messages.
Removed all filters.

Additional information:
Status bar indicates "All folders are up to date."
Status bar indicates "Connected to mydomain"
Enabled Schedule "Send & Receive All" and added action to Receive Mail.
When I do a "Send & Receive All" from schedules, Outlook indicates downloading 6 messages, but the server has 10 messages in the user's inbox.  She has 4 messages in Outlook.  That does total 10.

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