I have just bought Microsoft Office with Outlook for Mac as I didn't like Entourage and its inability to link with hotmail like Outlook does on a PC. However I have now found that Outlook on a Mac doesn't link with Hotmail either!

I have tried to use a Gmail account, to transfer my hotmail account to then use Outlook to sync to, as Gmail is IMAP and Hotmail is only POP. As I understand it this is the issue?

What I am now having problems with is:

- Under On My Computer / Inbox / Gmail it has downloaded all of my emails, through all of my folders. 900 and counting! Then lower down where it says Gmail and then has all of my folders, there is nothing in this Inbox. How can I get it to just show the emails in my inbox and not the ones I have already filed?

- On hotmail I have got my folders organised with subfolders also, this has not carried through to Gmail nor subsequently Outlook. Is there a solution to this? I.E I have a main folder for 'Personal' then under that there would be one for 'Finance', 'Sport' etc.

Really disappointed with Outlook for Mac as it just doesn't do as it does on a PC and everything else on Apple products seem to work so seamlessly, but email doesn't seem to be.

Thanks for your help in advance.



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