So today I had to mandatorily upgrade my window live messenger for XP to whatever version this is and I'm very confused and scared it messed up my web cam capabilities. My partner is across seas and in order for him to see my face I web cam with him, he does not have a web cam for security reasons. I NEED THIS TO WORK. I couldn't find an answer to my question on the msn website on if one way calling can be done. In my last version for XP it could I just clicked on this little call button when he'd sign on. Because he can't be told to sign on as I can't call him, or get in touch with him to get him online now, I can't test this. This account is only for him and I to talk in other words. So there's no way for me to answer my own question. How do I, when he signs on next, do one way web camming? If I can't on this version what DL of messenger will let me? I tried calling technical support and was put on hold 4 diff. times only to be told no one could help me and I had to wait for a simple answer and go to this site. I would greately appreciate a clear answer and directions. I'm very worried I can't web cam with him any more. Again he does not have a mic, or a cam. This is the only way for him to see my face and hear my voice, please help me make sure everything is okay for the next time he signs on. Time is so very precious for us with him deployed.

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